Rancvist Bank, a Belgian operated online bank, will be rolling out its cryptocurrency debit cards soon. The crypto debit cards will feature three different cryptocurrencies as well as three different fiat money in USD, GBP and USD for global use. Users will be able to switch between cryptocurrencies or traditional currencies for online use from any parts of the world.

Using these cards attracts very low exchange rates which are adjusted daily and changeable between various denominated currencies.

Rancvist Bank emerges the first online bank to offer debit cards in multiple hard currencies. It is also one of the first online bankers to adopt debit cards for cryptocurrency use. These new cards promise to transform the way online financial transactions are carried out in the fintech sector. It is set to marry digital currencies, cryptocurrencies and fiat money in a seamless integration for a revolutionalized internet banking experience.

Incorporated in Hong Kong but now fully operational in Belgium, Rancvist Bank is managed by a team of financial and crypto experts. These have a combined experience of over 50 years. With their dedicated expertise, they have been able to build an online banking platform that combines old fiat money with future crypto products to meet futuristic purposes. The internet bank currently services international payments, online and offline Mastercard payments, and multi-currency online accounts that could be integrated with crypto usage.

The Rancvist Bank debit card is distinctive in several areas. Unlike other cards issued by other financial firms, Rancvist Bank’s cards come in multiple currencies and work perfectly on cryptocurrency platforms. What this means is that Rancvist Bank debit cards have three currencies and also possess cryptocurrency capabilities integrated into them. No other cards like that are in the fintech markets. Additionally, these cards can be used on any ATM machines around the world and their currency exchange fees are very low and affordable.

With these cards, Rancvist Bank customers will be able to switch between currencies on the same card; and they will also be able to switch between fiat money and crypto on the same card. This gives corporate and retail customers the powers of choice when making any transactions over their online banking accounts. The cards will be available for use for business transactions without any currency limitations, and it will open a whole new vista for business entities around the world.

The Rancvist Bank cryptocurrency debit cards are not out yet, millions of potential customers around the world have signified their interests to identify with it.

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