Customers tend to patronize businesses with positive vibes. Consumers do not purchase products only because of their intended benefits, but also because the manufacturers demonstrate positive vibes. Gone were the days when people bought products only because they needed them, today people buy products also because the company has positive, social vibrations. For instance, people like to buy products from companies that promote eco- or environmental-friendliness.

Gurhan Kiziloz is one sales and marketing guru that strongly believes in positive vibes. He teaches thousands of people in the UK and across the world that sales can be affected by the positive or negative vibes of a company. If a company does not believe in social responsibility, this will reflect in their products and sales; and if a business stands for ecological sustainability, this will show in their products and services – and in their company culture.

When a business start-up establishes an internal work culture that environmental friendliness and social responsibility, customers will pick up the vibe. This will lead to more sales and customer loyalty. One of the ways Gurhan Kiziloz increases the sales and competitiveness of a company is by inculcating social responsibility into their business culture since this has a way of transmitting itself to target consumers. The products and services of such organizations must also reflect the culture and social beliefs of the business.

With over 10 years’ experience managing successful start-ups, Kiziloz fully understands that a company’s business culture will determine their customer engagement and rapport. The more an organization is able to engage and build rapport with customers, the more customers will regard the business as central to their lives. Kiziloz teaches thousands of young entrepreneurs and established organizations that customer engagement and rapport drive new and repeat patronage on a long-term basis.

The sales coach has helped uncountable numbers of businesses move to the next stage of growth by inculcating marketing principles that are formulated from customers’ needs and wants. To this end, an organization must integrate ethical standards and product strategies that align with the cultural trends influencing their targeted customers. These will form the basis of a business culture that drives the long-term objectives and missions of an organization.

Gurhan Kiziloz can reposition the development of any business within and outside the UK with positive vibes that resonate with customers. He implements strategic insights that tweak the visions of a company without necessarily changing its fundamental culture with a view to making the business more profitable and enduring for decades to come.

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